Calabar Baptism: The Wonderful Conversion Story of Edang Mba

Regina Atolagbe, the Calabar Church's Women Leader (left) introduces Edang Mba shortly before her baptism
Regina Atolagbe, the Calabar Church’s Women Leader (left) introduces Edang Mba shortly before her baptism

This is a story that shows the power of God in the life of a soul. Just as the Apostle Paul says in 1st Corinthians 3:6, I planted the seed, Apollo watered but God made it grow.  All we need to do as disciples of Jesus is to keep planting and watering seeds of God’s words in people’s life. Ultimately, God will make it grow.

Edang Mba was invited to the Calabar Church in 2012 by her then boy friend who was invited by our brother Niran Oyedokun while he was still working with HOPE Worldwide in Calabar. Edang gladly attended the service along with her teenage son, Kelvin.

They both fell in love with our service and our love for one another and they decided to start studying the bible but her boy friend was not ready to turn away from the sins but both Edang and Kelvin kept coming to church. Edang studied the bible to the point of decision making but was dragged away by her struggle to let go of her relationship.

However Kelvin kept coming to church. He later attended the HOPE Youth Corp Summer Camp in Lagos and was baptised last year December. His mother was blown away by the changes Kelvin made. She thought about her life and decided on her own to give up her old life and embraced the new life in God. She was baptised yesterday March 4th 2014.To the glory of God.


Keep praying for us in Calabar as our Mighty God keeps using us to sow seeds in the hearts of people in Calabar.

God bless

Regina Atolagbe

Calabar Church


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