South-South Celebrates Married Retreat in Uyo


After months of planning and prayers the 2013 Port-Harcourt Married Retreat held in Uyo, Akwa- Ibom State.

Couples and their friends arrived from the Port-Harcourt, Calabar, and Yenagoa churches Friday evening with the events commencing with hotel rooms’ allocations and fellowship. In total 16 married couples participated in the retreat.

On Saturday, a class on ‘UNITY IN PARENTING’ was taught by the Married’ coordinators from Port-Harcourt, Ikechukwu and Chika Nwagu highlighting the need for both parents to raise godly children in godly ways.  The class was followed by group prayers, more fellowship and sporting activities.

In the evening, the couples went to town to have a meal and fun-time together and later on, had a interactive discussion on the topic ‘AUTHORITY’  specially for the men; where we looked at what authority is, who should exercise it in the home, what can threaten it and how best to exercise it in a godly way as husbands. The women discussed on the topic ‘TREASURE’, emphasizing the need to keep themselves as treasures in their husbands’ eyes and not encourage situations where the husbands’ hearts will be after other treasures.

Sunday began with morning aerobics shortly before the Sunday Communion service with the rest of the members of Uyo church where the Yenagoa church leader, Ogbonnaya Oji shared his thoughts on both the Communion and Poor contribution. After the short service, the singles in Uyo church were excused from the worship facility while the retreat continued.


A class, ‘LEADING OUR COMMUNITY’  was taught by the Calabar church leaders Gbenga and Reginald Atolagbe which powerfully  impressed in us the conviction that to lead our community (the church) and society at large, we must first lead ourselves and especially the men  leading their families.

The last class of the retreat was presented by the Uyo church leaders, Edet and Mary Ita titled ‘UNITY OF FAITH’. They talked about the fact that couples need to be united in their marriage to have any progress in life and that division between them is recipe for destruction.

Group prayers were done in between the classes and responses, comments, questions and answers were entertained as well.

Lunch was hospitably provided by the Uyo church and everyone that came from the outside churches departed for their various cities and homes under God’s guidance.


Oni Adewale

Port Harcourt


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