Warri Church Men’s Day – A Man Among Men


The Warri Men Forum with the theme ‘’A Man among Men’’ was planned by a six man committee of the Warri Church.

This special two days event was geared towards having lots of men in attendance. Highpoints of the program include health talk, general wellbeing and Movie.

The event kicked off at about 11:15am on Saturday 7th December as scheduled with wonderful worship songs presented by the men in the Church Choir and the brothers had a great time of worship. Doctor Ogbonna Ignatius Ikenna (Managing Director Maximum Health Care Foundation) did an awesome job, addressing the men about the general wellbeing of man and areas to pay attention to as men grow older. He provided answers to specific questions asked by individuals facing different health issues.

Every man present was able to get their Blood Pressure level check and was advised accordingly by the Doctor.

Worship service on Sunday 8th December was quite colourful as men flocked the church’s facility in their native attires. What made the service even more special for us was to have some of our friends from the Saturday program being part of the Sunday worship service. Some also stayed behind after service to study the Word of God.


We are grateful to God because it was the first of its kind and God granted us a wonderful weather on both days. We look forward to similar programs in the New Year and with God’s special grace, reap the bountiful fruits from ‘The Man among Men’ program. God bless

John Obaje



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