Apapa Sector Invites Twenty Six for Breakfast Service!

Sunday 17th November, 2013 will stand out in the memories of about fifty disciples of Apapa Sector (Ojo Apapa Region) for some time to come as they came together with their friends and neighbours to celebrate a service with a difference.

To set the pace for this glorious day, a couple of Sundays earlier, Lucky Tonwe , a deacon in the Sector had inspired disciples through a two-tie sermon series titled: “The God of Harvest.” In the sermons, he inspired disciples to reason that God has called us to release the prisoners and to open the eyes of many who are spiritually blind to the true salvation that our God has blessed us with.

This was followed with disciples committing themselves to fasting and prayer on Monday 11th November, 2013. Then came the D-day, Sunday 17th November, and after a short sermon by Frank Okodugha title: “A Powerful Delusion;” God moved the heart of twenty-six men and women to stay back, have breakfast and study the Bible.

Please pray for our disciples to continue in this zeal and for the Lord to bring in the harvest. To Him be glory!


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