2013 National Singles Retreat – Final Day

The grande finale of the 2013 Singles Retreat commenced early as shuttle buses were provided by the excellent Warri hosts to convey delegates to the church’s facility for a special thanksgiving service.

The colorful and pulsating service started promptly at 9:00am with praise and worship led by the vibrant Warri choir. The communion talk was done by Omotomiwa Okodugah (Lagos) while collection for the Poor was by the Administrator of the Warri church, Stanley Osaighale.

The main theme of the retreat ‘’Walk with me” was the sermon title delivered by the Lead Evangelist Mr. Chris Ogbonnaya.  He urged on how our relationship with God affects our relationship with brothers and sisters and also stressed the importance of being truthful in a righteous way. He referred to several scriptures; psalm 86:11, Heb 11:5, Psalm 104, Gen 5:21-24.

The Warri Singles Retreat closed out as singles reflected on a life-changing retreat as new friendship were ignited just as old friend were deepened. All who attended the retreat resolved for a closer walk with God as they head back to their various churches.

We thank our glorious God for the triumph in bringing about a wonderful retreat and also the Warri disciples who sacrificed and worked tirelessly, day and night to bring about a superb and glorious Singles Retreat.


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