2013 National Singles Retreat – Day Three

  DAY 3 SATURDAY 16TH NOVEMBER 2013 The third day of the conference resumed with the class “Rooted in Fellowship” taught by Mr. Gbenga Atolagbe (Calabar). It was a thought provoking and inspiring class. He reminded us on the importance of fellowship and how it affects our relationship with God. Certain scriptures were looked into such as Ephesians 5: 11, 1 John 1:3 & 6.


The second class was a split session between the men and women. The women’s class titled “It Hurts So Badly” was delivered by Mrs. Chinwe Olomo. She emphasized on how women can deal with hurts and apply forgiveness. She also stated that forgiveness heals from within. Some scriptures studied include but not limited to; Gen 6:5-6, Luke 6:27-36, Matt 6:12-14 etc. this class closed the morning session of the third day.


The men’s class titled ‘’Forgive One Another” by Wilson Osung (Warri) reminded the men that forgiveness is an amazing gift of grace from God that must be shared with others. Sharing from Matthew 6:14-15, Wilson highlighted the major benefit of forgiving others which is receiving forgiveness from God. He further pleaded with the brothers to allow God’s light to radiate in their heart and these can only be done when they forgive others.


The afternoon session began with awesome praise and worship by the ICOC Warri choir, shortly followed by the class “Just Being Friends” by Jide & Biola Ojo. (Lagos). The class was inspiring and brought to our remembrance the essence of friendship in the Kingdom of God and in any relationship.


The class also taught on the need to have friends that bring out the best in each of us and gave various tips and guidelines how to find such friends and build good Godly relationships. Scriptures studied include; 1 Sam 19:1-5, Ecc 4: 9-12, Luke 6:35-38. The second class of the afternoon was also a split session for the men and women. The class titled “Career & Elegant Sisters” which was taught by Vivian Shosanya and Scholar Obere (Lagos).


The class began with the scriptures Prov 6 and Matt 14:19-20. They talked about the need to use the little talent or gift God has freely given us to expand ourselves and his church and the need to stop giving excuses in our various careers. They also shared on the need to always put our best in our chosen fields and also place our dependence on Christ. The teachers also talked about the need for the sisters in church to always look their best and dress elegantly. Several tips were given as to how this purpose can be achieved. The session ended with prayers and thanksgiving.


Seun Shosanya (Lagos) taught the men on “Career and Looking Good” speaking on the need to excel not just spiritually but career wise as well. He encouraged the brothers to earnestly seek wisdom and understanding and also to strive for excellence in whatever career they pursue. He also highlighted the importance of personal hygiene in ones appearance and how men are defined by who they are on the inside. Using Matthew 26: 36-42 as a reference, he spoke on the need to emulate the examples of Christ by always calling on God always and also to dare to be dreamers.


The highlight of the retreat was the Dinner night. The sisters and brothers began entering the venue of the dinner at 8:00pm looking elegant and dashing in their dinner dresses and suits. The occasion was a three course dinner. The brothers each had dates and served the sisters with their hearts by making sure the sisters were well catered for.

There were various forms of entertainment for the night, the climax of the occasion was when a brother asked a sister to be his special friend the hall went wild with screams and shouts of joy and “whaos” at the brother’s prowess in poetry. The night ended with an open floor dance for all the sisters and brothers at the event.


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