Another Soul is added to the Lord’s Body!

Anthony Obuhoro after his baptism into the body of Christ
Anthony Obuhoro after his baptism into the body of Christ

Praise the Good Lord! Another soul was added into the family of God as Anthony Obuhoro, a 59 years old music instructor was baptized into the family of God in Asaba, Delta State on Sunday 15th 2013.

Anthony Obuhoro, who has gone to so many Churches and Schools to teach songs and instruments was invited to teach the Church in Asaba but has now finally declared Jesus as his Lord and Master! The most interesting part of his story is that Anthony was pressured to be part of the various churches he attended because of his musical talents. But when he was invited to the Asaba church on the first Sunday service of August 2013, he confessed his love for the church and fellowship and he started studying the bible while still teaching us how to sing and play musical instruments before he made his good confession that Jesus is Lord and was baptized and added to God’s Church as God destined for him.

Praise God for the miracles he continues to do in His Kingdom and keep praying for us in Asaba.

Anthony Iwok

Asaba Church.


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