2013 ICOC Youth Corps: Day 2

Day Two at the 2013 ICOC Youth Camp started with early morn devotionals as early as 5:30am!  The Devo was inspiring and fun lots of the corpers participated with some sound and intelligent sharing from the pre-teens and teens.

Then there was the morning drill. I jogged! Haha. It was fun. Then I hid behind my camera lenses. The perfect escape. Morning sports are really cool though and rigorous but put one in the right frame and shape for the day’s activities.


Breakfast was quick and early today. And our ceremonial opening by the Lead Evangelist, Chris Ogbonnaya ably supported by Mrs. Ebunolowu Jaiyesimi and Elder Omoruyi Iyamu held just on time between the hours of 9.30am and 11.00am. Afterwards there were photos, photos and photos. A few classes held thereafter, with group discussion tête-à-tête between counselors and their campers.

There was a dance presentation by the choreography group and then there was lunch. Lunch was semovita and egusi and fish stew and for the first time I met a handful of folks who don’t eat semovita. After lunch was the long awaited siesta. Long awaited by the campers of course. And maybe a few counselors. I sure haven’t left my seat. I’m stuck here writing these reports. If when it’s not fun. Like after siesta, when all the campers and choreographers raised dust like crazy in the name of learning salsa!

Now they are out doing sport. Don’t ask me what kind of sports because like I said I’m still here writing these reports. I think I can guess what happens after sports because I can see the kitchen women laying out the buffet table – dinner.  And we all know what comes next after dinner – lights-out. Well perhaps not directly in that order. If I’ve missed out anything, I’ll make it up tomorrow. Tomorrow being day 3. Hasta leugo!


Bukkie Allison


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