ICOC Nigeria Holds 2013 Annual General Meeting in Lagos

The 2013 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the International Church of Christ, Nigeria was held on Saturday 18th May, 2013 at the Church’s facility at Akanbi Onitiri Close, Surulere in a peaceful atmosphere. Attendance was more than 200 disciples but the quality of the meeting was encouraging as it was devoid of rancor, though some salient points were discussed and decisions made.


The Chairman of the Board, Mr. Ndu Eke, set the ball rolling after a brief Praise and worship session. In his speech, he revealed that the Church had purchased a property on the Island to house a Member of staff. He revealed that the Church would begin to purchase more residential properties to house its members of staff, in order to reduce the burden of ever increasing rents. A property on the mainland would be purchased in the near future.


One important point from his speech was the fact that the Church had considered more ways to generate income. One way is to open up the existing Church properties for non members to use as events’ centres. To this end, the signage on the properties would be changed presently to reflect the new situation. Instead of having the Church’s name on the wall, the sign would now read, ICOC Arena.


Mr. Sam Onuoha, the Church administrator followed with the financial reports.


One issue that generated much response from the audience was the appointment of the External Auditor. The firm which has audited the church accounts for 5 years was put up for re-election and was almost elected, until a board member, Barrister Segun Odubela, pointed out the anomaly in the Auditor’s absence from the meeting. The Board chairman had to read the Auditor’s report. Mr. Odubela said this was not proper procedure. His comments led to a hearty debate. In the end, it was resolved that the meeting refrain from reappointing this audit firm and that another meeting of the house be called at a future date to appoint a new auditor.

Also at the AGC, Long Service Awards were issued to (from Left-Right) Wale Oni (15 years), Chinyere Ajadi (15 years), Bayo Ajadi (20years) and John Cawray (15years)
Also at the AGC, Long Service Awards were issued to (from Left-Right) Wale Oni (15 years), Chinyere Ajadi (15 years), Bayo Ajadi (20years) and John Cawray (15years)


The working session began with presentations by Leaders of the Different Blocs across the country. One common thread in the reports was the large number of Membership withdrawn. This issue was the main thrust of the syndicate groups, At the end of the meeting, the groups deliberated on the main pillars for the year, Family Systems, Leadership and Missions and rose with the following resolutions:


In order to improve our Family systems, it was resolved that every family in the Church should have a family devotional at least once a week, for the purpose of raising godly children. Leadership which is a key pillar of the Church was also discussed and the syndicate group pointed out the need to raise more Leaders for the Churches and to strengthen the existing leaders.


To this end, it was resolved that every disciple of Jesus in the International Church of Christ, must be in a Discipling relationship, and be committed to meeting with his/her Discipling partner at least once in Two Weeks. A mission, another pivot of the Church was also examined. It was agreed that a commitment be made to strengthen the small groups in all the Churches through functional and consistent Bible Talk meetings. For this to happen, Bible Talks must hold regularly at least twice a month.


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