The Making of Akute Ministry – A Dream Come True

Little drops of water, THEY SAY, makes a big ocean!!!  Then, it is true you do not despise a humble beginning…..

In 2005, when you hear of Alagbole –Akute-Lambe, you are taking apart by many who queried “where’s that? “  – a sigh of wonderment, an emotion of uncertainty.  In fact, Alagbole connotes a village and its villagers.  Today, it is a desirous city anyone wishes to own, work or live in!

Our story is not farfetched in 2005, when we found out that disciples are already in this vicinity, we became so anxious to come live in this unpopular neighborhood.   It was fascinating meeting the first ever known disciples who lived in this area – The Irobiegbulams.   Then the Adefolus cohabited as the members of International Church of Christ and in short space of time, we discovered many more, especially with Mama Obisesan and we became a big family of Christ.


The 3 families were not only excited to live in the same neighborhood but to win the whole region for Christ.  Frantic efforts were made as we started Bible Discussions in our homes and bringing many to Christ.  It was such a joy of a new born baby when we found other Church members coming to Akute!!


The searchlight beam illuminated other disciples who relocated to the covetous locality – the Adesubokans, our Sister, Rita Edoh, the Chinedus and Brother Dele Oladipupo, who is happily married today.  It was a joyous time as well when the Owolabis joined the league, as the Ministry was just on the run.  Yet, we were still counting with the Akporaroahs, as God was establishing His Church in Akute.

We took hold of discipleship life, reaching out to many, and to God be the glory, we baptized the first set of disciples in Akute – beautiful family of Olubiyis who are doing well in God’s vineyard.   This action prompted our love more for God as children set out on a mission, we added to God’s Church other families including the Wrights, the Nnadedes, the Adeleyes and our Sister and family –Oginnis and others.


The Ministry in Akute was growing with deep relationship amongst members and kept spurring one another towards good deeds.  We urged for a ministry and got a nod for Midweek Services in 2009 along Ajuwon Road, a starting point towards having our own Church or Region.  With small unit Church, our Children and adult alike started displaying hidden talents for work of service in God’s household.


According to Acts 2vs 47 – God was adding to their numbers daily those who are been saved – this was made true in our Ministry as our Sister, Sandra … , the Kola-James and the Abilis were added, making the Church a bigger one.   More disciple families were moving in, as we welcome the Lawals.


Here we are…..FULL FLEGDED CHURCH IN AKUTE –  see what God has done.  Our dream came TRUE!, our ship sailed safely and our longing is fulfilled today with the inaugural Sunday Service of International Church of Christ, Akute, which will become a Region in our life time.


You will testify that the Lord is good!  Come join and let’s celebrate the Lord’s doings!!  Be part of moving history of ICOC, Akute!!!


The Adefolus



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