Oshodi/Isolo Disciples Illuminates the Blind Center in Lagos

“…I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These things I will do; I will not forsake them. Isaiah 42:16

It was a Sunday to remember on the 17th of February 2013 at the Nigerian Society for the Blind Center in Oshodi, Lagos as disciples of the Oshodi/Isolo region and friends gathered at its’ premises for a special Sunday Worship Service with students of the Center, a service without ‘’blindness”.

An initiative of the ICOC Lagos Benevolence Ministry, this special worship service had in attendance, amongst others, the church’s Administrator, Sam Onuoha and Elder Imagbe Igbinoba, who oversees the special ministry for the visually impaired. The service opened with a welcome speech by Toyin Salau of the Ikorodu Region, who set the tone for an incredibly inspiring service while a former student of the school and now a disciple of Christ, Tunde Onipede gave the collection for the Poor talk.

It was a service to experience the unique love and compassion God has for the blind and thus light up the lives of the blind. Michael Fadeyi, a disciple from Ikorodu region and who is blind too, was led powerfully by the Spirit of God as he gave the sermon of the day. Michael, sharing majorly from 2 Corinthians 17-20, highlighted the Four Benefits of Reconciliation with God which are the transformation to a new being, God forgiveness of sins, the privilege to be God’s spokesmen and the hope of being citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Speaking from his earlier encounter with the church, Michael shared on how he had to repent of deception after his Sin and Repentance study and called the congregation to true repentance in their daily walk with God. He also spoke on his first experience traveling outside the country to England where he had fellowship with the church in London with nationalities from many nations all over the world which perfectly reflected Jesus’ vision of a holy nation with holy people from different tribes and tongue, a nation totally devoid of racial discrimination. Being a disciple of Christ, he also stated, helps us daily and continually appraise our lives and devotion to God. He concluded his sermon by encouraging everyone to be selfless and to have an attitude of the unworthy servant and that it will keep them humble always.

After the service, the Center’s Head of Department, Nicholas Obot also expressed his heartfelt joy in a speech saying that the true gospel has been brought to light today as the blind community is privileged to have such a noble group as disciples of Christ and that he has never met a group that embodies the love of Christ like the ICOC. He praised God for our efforts to help assist the students of the center be integrated into society and how disciples keeps the facility clean always.

Many students at the facility stayed back to study and to fellowship after the service and we thank God for the fire he lit in their hearts. Through this fire, may He establish more churches for the blind and bring the light of the gospel into more lives within the blind community. May our Lord richly bless the heart of disciples for these sacrifices.


Bright Onyekaba

Oshodi/Isolo Benevolence Ministry


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