2013 ICOC Nigeria Staff Retreat: Time for Reflection and Renewal

ICOC Nigeria recently concluded a 3-day National Staff Retreat to help set mission goals for 2013, help review its performance from the previous year in keeping with Vision 2020 goals and to align the 2013 goals in keeping with the year’s 3-pronged focus of Missions, Leadership Development and Family systems.

The retreat, which was held from 10th – 13th February 2013 at the serene Covenant University Guest House in Ota, was organized also to help foster team-bonding, unity and camaraderie amongst Staff members in all cadres of the ministry. The retreat was also critically important in helping maintain a focus on quality and efficiency in their duties.

The Staff retreat, strategically planned to kick-off the same day the church’s 40-day fast ended, also witnessed bloc reports as all the national bloc leaders took time out to share great news happening in their blocs.  Among the planning activities at the retreat was the syndicate groups were participants were regularly divided into six teams to brainstorm and prioritize special needs, ideas and challenges in their congregations. After discussing their findings, the entire staff develops strategies for maximizing the strengths and opportunities as well as for overcoming the weaknesses and threats. This becomes the Plans of Action which will make an integral part of the church’s guide for the implementation of its 3-pronged focus of 2013.

Three major classes’, preceded by a daily devotional, summarized the staff retreat. The first session on Leadership, facilitated by Chairman of the Church’s Board of Trustees, Ndubisi Eke and assisted by his wife, Njideka, was centered on ‘Lessons from Lance Armstrong’, an expository on the disgraced athletic. The BOT Chairman charged leaders that lying to win should not be their motivation in their respective ministries stating that lying is a character flaw that no one really forgets and leads to destruction ultimately. He encouraged them to always be honest because God loves a man of integrity.  He further said that leaders in God’s kingdom must die to the win at all costs mentality and strive to be perfectly united in mind with the body of Christ.

Missions – The Power of small groups, facilitated jointly by Emmanuel Emeh and Shadrach Obasa highlighted and addressed the fast declining involvements of disciples in mission works. This educative and inspiring session also discussed the effective use of our bible discussions and how to continually make them vibrant and stimulating to members and friends alike.

The final class, anchored by two serving Elders, Imagbe Igbinoba and Isreal Ereola, focused on the Family System – Building a Strong Church Community were the elders addressed the very important issues of having a great family atmosphere in our Churches and how the church must strive not just to increase in our relationship with God but also with one another. The Elders stressed the fact that love must be the foundation of the Church and that all Family Groups must continue to provide nurturance, acceptance and guidance to all disciples.

We continually glorify the name of our God for the disciplines He gives and also for the victories in all our congregations. As leaders traveled back to their various destinations with a new focus and passions in their hearts, we implore the Church to keep praying for all the plans God have for our leadership, missions and family systems and also for the success of the 2013 National Staff Retreat.


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