Audio from World Discipleship Summit Now Available

The long awaited audio files from the 2012 World Discipleship Summit are now available on www.icocconference.org

126 audios are already posted of class sessions from 7 of the conferences and the ATT Center sessions with more to come including the Spanish Conference. You can search through the list or search by conference.You can listen to the audios on the site or download them. You can also access the entire podcast or add a feed to your website, blog, etc. So spread the word on your Facebook, Twitter, blogs, bulletins, websites, etc. Use them for your workouts and commutes, but be sure to share them with family and friends.

Videos from the WDS through DTV have been loaded over 324,000 times in 150 countries! Click here to view and/or download; www.dtoday.tv

The audios and videos are free, but we rely on your donations to offset the costs. Please donate here.

The World Discipleship Summit is sponsored by the International Churches of Christ.


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