A Sunday to Remember in Lagos

The theme for the Service and the rest of the year is winning our Families. Amazingly the ambience of last Sunday’s joint service, bringing all the regions in Lagos together, captured the essence of that theme as Disciples of Christ gathered in large numbers at the Surulere facility.

Though people had to make huge sacrifice to get to church much earlier than usual to find parking spaces away from the church property, they all appeared happy and joyful at the chance of fellowshipping with brothers and sisters they had not seen since the last joint service many months ago.

The sermon by the Lead Evangelist Chris Ogbonnaya was all about ‘Winning our Families’. It was such a no-holds bared message aimed at helping the congregation reflect on the need for the next generation to be won solely for Christ.

The mood was heightened towards the end of the service when the restoration to fellowship of a couple, Johnson and Gloria Daniel was announced. The entire congregation gave the couple a standing ovation, when the announcement made.

Another key highlight of this exhilarating Sunday worship service was the very befitting recognition accorded the youngest ever PhD holder in the history of Nigeria as Dr. Temitope Olabisi Adeyemi, who achieved this feat aged 25! https://icocnigeria.org/wp3/?p=1167

Though, there was no thanksgiving service, disciples were not disappointed but they danced their hearts out where they got the chance, during the service. All told it would seem that the project of Winning Families to which the church leadership has committed itself, may be achieved faster than expected.


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