Ikeja-Ketu Region Honours Dr. Tope Adeyemi

It was with joy, excitement and a sense of pride that the Lagos Church received the news about a month ago, that the youngest ever PhD holder in the rich 50 year history of the University of Lagos is a disciple of Christ.

Tope Adeyemi, who will be 26 this May, was honoured last sunday 25th March, 2012 by the Ikeja-Ketu Region of the Lagos Church for blazing the trail in academic excellence.

An only child of her mother for 15 years, Tope seized the opportunity to address parents, singles and more importantly, the teenagers on the need to stand out and be counted even as they face the challenges that life throws at them on daily basis.

She made it known to all that she was not born with a silver spoon. Also as a young child she only met her father once, the second being  when she saw his lifeless body.

Tope enjoined parents not to spoil their children by promising them heaven and earth because they are always two sides to a coin. She said that when parents put their children under pressure, they (the children) tend to derail by wanting to be like others which could be counter-productive.

Addressing the teens, she made them to realize that there would be peer pressure, they will be called all sorts of names but they must be resolute in their quest for success in life.

Tope also challenged the singles to be great examples to the upcoming teens in the church. A plaque with a picture frame of her and the Vice-Chancellor of the prestigious institution was presented to her on behalf of the Region by Mrs Modupe Ogunro while Mrs Awobifa , a member of the ‘Sarah Mothers’ prayer for Dr. Tope Adeyemi.

It was a thanksgiving Sunday that would leave an indelible mark on the minds of everyone present, especially, the teenagers who were truly inspired by the exemplary life of Dr. Tope Adeyemi.


Adebowale Aderibigbe



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