The ‘I Choose Us’ Marriage Seminar – Ikeja-Ketu Region

The ‘I Choose Us’ Marriage Seminar
Ikeja-Ketu Region – Jan. 20-22, 2012

It’s been an incredibly exciting and eye-opening first few weeks of the New Year 2012 across the Lagos Church particularly in the Married Ministry as the I Choose Us marriage seminar kicked off in earnest.

This well-thought out and well-researched book put together by John Philip and Karen McDonald Louis draws from the Scriptures, credible research and also the Louis’ life experiences to build a strong case for the importance of having a healthy, vibrant marriage.

The manner in which participants in the Ikeja-Ketu Region of the Lagos Church were taken through the different biblical advice about how to build Love Connection by showing real love and respect to their spouses was simply out of this world.

Anchored by two of the Louis Counselling & Training Services (LCTE) -certified marriage counsellors Evangelist and Mrs Fred & Titi George, the three-day event was loaded with helpful questionnaires and also gave valuable insights into unhealthy thinking patterns, called lifetraps (schemas).

It also opened the eyes of virtually every participant including those who have been married for over twenty years to the fact that it takes lots of effort to have a great marriage; the much that a spouse thought he or she knew about his or her partner was completely demystified.

The I Choose Us marriage seminar has also helped couples avoid hurtful coping styles as they practise vulnerability and forgiveness rather than relying on ineffective communication and behaviour that invariably leads to the Vortex of Conflict Escalation.

Wale Aderibigbe


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